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As a locally owned business since 1996, we have been aspecializing in all types of repairs and ultrasonic cleaning services for all kinds of shades and blinds for our valued Alaska clients.

Ultrasonic Blind Cleaning

Ultrasonic cleaning has been used in a wide range of applications in both science and industry over the last thirty years. In cases where extreme cleanliness is required, ultrasonics have proven to be more effective than other mechanical or chemical methods. Cleaning with ultrasonics has the distinct advantage of penetrating complex geometric shapes and removing tightly bonded contaminants from a wide variety of surfaces.

Ultrasonic cleaning is not only fast and efficient, it is also extremely safe. There are no dangerous chemicals or moving parts to contend with. Ultrasonic system has advanced cleaning abilities which allow it to clean the smallest and tightest geometric shapes and components imaginable. Therefore, it is especially well suited for cleaning smoke and water damaged electronic components.

About Ultrasonic Cleaning

Uses sound waves that are introduced into the cleaning liquid by means of "transducers" mounted to the cleaning tank. The sound waves travel through the tank and create waves of compression and expansion in the liquid.

In the compression wave, the molecules of the cleaning liquid are compressed together tightly. Conversely, in the expansion wave, the molecules are pulled apart rapidly. The expansion is so dramatic that the molecules are ripped apart creating microscopic bubbles.

Even thought the bubbles are too small to be seen by the naked eye they contain a partial vacuum during the split second they exist.  As the pressure around the bubbles becomes great, the fluid around the bubble rushes in collapsing the bubble very rapidly.

As the gasses inside the bubble are compressed at this very high rate, they rise in temperature to as high as 9,000 degrees Farenheit which is roughly the temperature of the sun! The liquid immediately surrounding the bubble area is also raised to approximately 3,600 degrees Farenheit. This extreme temperature, combined with the liquid jet velocity, provides a very intense cleaning action in a minute area.

Because of the very short duration of the bubble expansion and collapse cycle, the liquid surrounding the bubble quickly absorbs the heat and the area cools quickly. As a result, the tank and liquid becomes only warm and does not heat up doe to the introduction of parts during the cleaning process.

That's why Ultrasonic Cleaning is the only way to get your blinds and shades as clean as possible.

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